Current Projects

  • Quantum program synthesis using theorem provers and categorical logic
  • Embedded participatory observers in causal sets within conformal fields
  • Quantum accelerated causal inference for applications in explainable AI and bioinformatics

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Past Projects

(in reverse chronological order)

  • Applications of Quantum Computation and Algorithmic Information - for causal modeling in genomics and reinforcement learning (Ph.D. dissertation)
  • Quantum Knowledge Seeking Agent … read more
  • Near-term quantum optimization and learning algorithms
  • Spiking neural network based associative memory neuro-evolution
  • Quantum algorithms for pattern-matching in genomic sequences (M.Sc. thesis)
  • Quantum Innovation Environment (QuInE), a PyQT based IDE for quantum programming
  • Brain-inspired robotic mapping and navigation using time-series of hexagonal grid and place cells
  • System design of warehouse automation using multi-agent collaborative box-pushing strategies
  • Human brain simulation in GPU with Inferior Olive model in OpenCL and CUDA
  • GATK based human genome sequencing for distributed Spark platform in Scala
  • Fuzzing and concolic execution on RERS-2016 problems using AFL and KLEE
  • Optimizing a SoC using ρ-VEX VLIW processors
  • Enhancing the Plasma processor IP core
  • Accelerating object tracking in OMAP3530 application processor
  • Solar energy forecasting using ORCA system
  • Earthquake occurrence analysis and aftershock prediction using MATLAB and Tableau
  • Elevation mapping using stereo vision enabled heterogeneous multi-agent network (B.Tech. thesis)
  • Computer vision based centralized multi-agent system on MATLAB and Arduino
  • Self-configuring classical logic gate circuits using genetic programming in Java
  • Multi-vehicle path planning in dynamically changing environments using genetic optimised TSP

Selected Publications

Open access links, categorized into the 3 main fields and subfields (as tags), ordered in relevance to current work and how big the project was. For a different ordering (e.g. chronologically, or by citation) or a more complete list, check my Google Scholar profile.

Quantum computation (TU Delft)

  • Applications of Quantum Computation and Algorithmic Information: for Causal Modeling in Genomics and Reinforcement Learning - PhD thesis
  • Quantum Knowledge Seeking Agent: resource-optimized reinforcement learning using quantum process tomography - gate-based quantum algorithms; reinforcement learning; universal artificial intelligence; algorithmic information theory
  • Estimating algorithmic information using quantum computing for genomics applications - algorithmic information; gate-based quantum algorithms; metabiology
  • Quantum Algorithms: for pattern-matching in genomic sequences - gate-based quantum algorithms; quantum search; genomics
  • QuASeR – Quantum Accelerated De Novo DNA Sequence Reconstruction - quantum optimization; variational algorithms; quantum annealing; genomics
  • Quantum accelerated Causal Tomography: circuit considerations towards applications - gate-based quantum algorithms; causal inference
  • Quantum Computing: from NISQ to PISQ - quantum research methodology
  • Quantum Computer Architecture: Towards Full-Stack Quantum Accelerators - quantum computer architecture
  • Efficient decomposition of unitary matrices in quantum circuit compilers - quantum compilers
  • Efficient parameterised compilation for hybrid quantum programming - quantum compilers
  • Integration and Evaluation of Quantum Accelerators for Data-Driven User Functions - quantum computer architecture

Robotics (IIST and TCSRI)

  • Elevation mapping using stereo vision enabled heterogeneous multi-agent robotic cloud network - MSc thesis; swarm intelligence; computer vision; SLAM
  • A Brain-inspired Approach to Robotic Mapping and Navigation - neuroscience; path-planning; SLAM
  • Hazard control algorithms for heterogenous multi-agent cloud-enabled robotic network - computer networks

Satellite systems (ISRO)

  • Approaches towards standardization of software for on-board storage systems in space programs
  • On-board payload data store and forward design for remote sensing satellites