Favourite scientists of all time

The 3 of my most favourite scientists: John von Neumann, John Archibald Wheeler, and Ray Solomonoff, in Salvador Dali art style (using the Android app Moment Cam).

Fav Scientists

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On the shoulder of giants

I have been deeply inspired by many giants in the scientific community. I hold them in the highest regard, for either their thoughts resonate well with mine or their propositions fuel my neural engines. While unification has been the holy grail for too long, I find clues lurking in the works of these great men.

…and among those who are still around

… the list keeps growing as the horizon of my knowledge widens.

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AIT researchers

In his blog, Marcus Hutter curates a list of famous AIT (Algorithmic Information Theory) researchers. In this list, I intend to curate the famous as well as the young researchers of this rather niche field.

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